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Web Research

Google is a famous searching tool preferred by almost 90% people around the world. People use Google searching tool to find photo, content and data. Whether you want to buy a book, car or house, find a personal fitness trainer, compare latest price and issues this searching tool is going to help you finding your desired topic.

There are over 86 billion web pages are available, and most of those are not worth ranking.
Use Major Search Engines and Keywords:

Firstly, start with initial research: Internet Public Library, DuckGo, Classy/Yippy, Wikipedia, and Mahalo. This will give you a vast sense of related topics and categories as well as give you a possible direction towards to your research.

Secondly, shorten your Visible Web Searching: Using Google and Ask.com you can easily experiment with combining 3 to 5-word keywords, and these two search engines will expand your result pool.

Finally: Go beyond Google. There are so many more web searching tool available;
• Scirus (for scientific searching)
• Surfwax (enriched with more information)
• Internet Archive (for searching past issues)
• Don’t forget to adopt a Research Friendly Web Browser. It will lead you to success.
• Opens Multiple tabs and pages
• Bookmarks/Favorites faster and easily
• Page history that is easy to recall
• Loads pages faster
• Keep searching and researching!

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Omar Sani

Chief executive officer (C.E.O) Digital Marketing Solution(Pvt.) Ltd.