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Social Media Marketing

I have a vast experience of SMM (Social Media Marketing). I am 100% committed to my work to reach your business goal through social media marketing. I always prefer to maintain a long-term relationship with my clients. I am always able to manage Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Squidoo, Word press, Blogger, etc. accounts for my clients by posting on groups, managing connections and recommendation requests.

My Opinion for Clients:
Now-a-days, social media plays a significant in the marketing field. If all these social media sources can be used in a proper way for marketing and brand promoting, it would be way too easier to achieve the business goal.
• Social media is a place for customers
• Limited companies level the playing field with social media
• Social media is full of your opponent
• Social media is searchable
• Social media holds content that is shareable
• Social media allows real-time feedback
• Social media is just one click away from you
• Social media marketing involves business
• Social media is an easiest way to build up your career.



  • How to reach people that matters the most to your business
  • Setting up your page
  • Identifying your targeted audience
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Targeting groups & pages
  • Monitoring engagement details through Google Analytics and Page Insights
  • 3,000 Likes per month (Guaranteed)



  • Twitter Traditional Marketing
  • Twitter Profile, Visual & Shareable Content, Tweets & Re-Tweets, Reaching Audience
  • Hash-Tag in Twitter (Monitoring, Value-Added Conversation & Link Building)



  • Profile, Circles, Local, Hangouts
  • Setting up google+ Page
  • Reaching Targeted Communities



  • Account, bio, business page, website verification
  • Discussion on Pinterest based Engagement Factors
  • Setting up Boards & strategy
  • Establishing your Boards through promotion and other activities
  • Great tips about marketing through Pinterest



  • Setting up YouTube channel with optimized URL
  • Discussion on profile, images, video uploading tips and tactics and other important parts
  • Channel verification, viewer interaction and earning possibility models will be discussed
  • Detail discussion and presentation on High Quality optimized video promotion



  • Setting up an optimized and effective LinkedIn profile for personal and Business branding
  • Discussion on important LinkedIn groups & Industry insights
  • Detail discussion about effective engagement factors in LinkedIn



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Omar Sani

Chief executive officer (C.E.O) Digital Marketing Solution(Pvt.) Ltd.