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Search Engine Marketing

I am a devoted (SEM) Search Engine Marketing expert. I am capable of doing SEM related tasks.
SEM is a vast term than (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. SEO only provides recovered search results where SEM helps you to target users of those search engines through advertising links in search results.

SEM is the procedure of growing traffic by buying ads on search engines. This method is also called paid search and sometimes known as PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) and the reason is search ads are sold on PPC/CPC basis.

PPC/CPC Search Engine Marketing Method:
• Never Ending List of Keywords
• A stream of Keywords
• A Relevant and Exclusive Keyword List
• Campaign Maintenance Tool

When it comes to SEM, I provide PPC/CPC (paid search) news and information in various useful ways.

I also provide the information including;
• Search and Display
• Search and Analytics
• Search and Conversion
• Enterprise SEM
• B2B Search Marketing

Moreover, the major search engines are also covering paid search;

• Yahoo: Search Ads
• Microsoft: Ad Center
• Search Ads: Video
• Google: Ad Words
• Search Ads: Pay Per Call

As a SEM expert, I will help you every possible way to accomplish your motto.

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Omar Sani

Chief executive officer (C.E.O) Digital Marketing Solution(Pvt.) Ltd.