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Administration Support

Working as an administrative specialist to give the support of office management and clients. An administrative has to deal too many tasks at times and has to invent new ideas to improve communication skills.

My Duties
Administrative support including, answering phone calls, planning meetings and conferences, managing files, assisting senior members, electronic communication and various presentations.

In Admin support, I am always ready to help you by collecting and managing data, paper, and electronic records management, maintaining spreadsheet, and database, compiling information and producing reports.

I can work on Word Processing sectors like; drafting memos, typing and editing reports, creating a newsletter, brochure layouts as well as updating contents on company websites and blogs.

My duties could be coordinating meeting times, booking off-site meeting location, sending invitations, creating and distributing the agenda.

Travel planning on behalf of office executive is also an important part of an administrative duty.
I am very professional when it came to my work and committed to my words.

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Omar Sani

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